Thursday, 5 May 2011

Pretty Things

Hi Cupcakes, Today after work I went in to the Poundland shop, for those of you outside the UK everything they sell is £1! I found this large glass air tight jar..these jars in Tesco for this size are at least £4! Bargain!
I have filled mine with scented tea lights which before were thrown into a pretty box hidden in my wardrobe! I think it's a really cute way of storing them! I love it!

Next is a little gem I found in TK Max, it was £7 in the sale, a really pretty glass lantern with a pale pink reminds me of the 50' can hold a tea light but I won't burn anything in it, I just like it for display!

Yesterday I made some new Usamimi headbands & some bow clips and I just had enough wire left over to make a Usamimi for my Blythe doll!

How cute?!

Stay tuned for more hair accessories and DIY hair masks!


  1. That's a lovely way to store tea lights - mine are in a pastic carrier bag! Awesome for £1. Pretty headbands too! x

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  3. @Pyxiee- Thanks! I'm defo gonna get a couple more of these jars..there so great for storage! x