Monday, 30 November 2009

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Fur coats and David Gest!...

Today I went into Shepperton with my sister as they have lots of charity shops there. I'm after a faux fur coat and charity shops are the best places to look for one! I tried on one and it was actually real fur! :( I would never get a real one, there is just no need for that at all. I tried on quit a few others but they were all a little too big for me so I left empty handed...The upside to my day though was seeing David Gest! My sister and I turned into giggly fans and we waved and called his name..he was super sweet and waved and blew us a kiss! Aahh so cute! Its so nice when you meet a genuinly nice celebrity! :0 )

Saturday, 7 November 2009

How to wear over the knee boots...

Hi, Here are a few different looks on how to wear over the knee boots. These ones are from Primark and were a bargain at £15! They also came in black but I loved the colour of these as they were a copy of a pair that I wanted from Next.
My tips would be to layer clothing..thin cardis with smock tops, skinny jeans or floaty dresses with chunky knit cardigans. (use belts for defanition) I also love to team them with ribbed or patterned tights and winter shorts.
I've decided to do more fashion related posts as the winter nights are upon us! (BRrr) and I find it can become more difficult on choosing a cosy outfit yet still keeping it stylish! So there will be more to come..
Let me know what you think..enjoy! :) (click on pictures to enlarge for more detail)

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Marie Antoinette halloween costume

Hi everyone, Here are a few of pictures from Halloween. I went out with some old friends and had a really good time. I decided to be Marie Antoinette, I had so much fun getting ready and re-creating the's amazing what you can do with baby powder! what do you think?
Hope you all had a good Halloween!...until next year!...