Monday, 27 February 2012

Bracelets of ze day...

All available at Sparrowbeads including my new cotton cord bracelet :)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Cinema OOTN

I went to the cinema last night to see Women in black! Very jumpy! I think I spent most of the time hiding behind my scarf!

My outfit consisted of black leggings, terracotta dress ( New Look) beige scarf, faux leather jacket (primark) black leather boots, stackable rings (H&M)

On another note I have been super busy designing & making new headpieces & jewellery so I will hopefully be able to share it with you this weekend so stay tuned!

Now I'm off to get ready for dinner with friends...maybe another OOTN post soon! :)

Happy Thursday!

Monday, 20 February 2012

The "it" bun

Hi Cupcakes, So the new craze is to wear a bun/top knot & then pull two strands down the front to frame your face...Does anyone else remember this craze when they were at school? ;)

I personally love it, it makes a nice loose, laid back change from super slick high powered buns! It's very feminine & pretty.

What do you think? Will you now be sporting the new look bun? :)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Bracelets of ze day...

Hi Dolls, I am loving my bracelet stack today so thought I'd share my new love with you!
I just made my tiny silver skull bracelet today!
I love it, it's very subtle yet noticable within your choosen stack of bracelets! I teamed mine with my turquoise, black pearl & grey pearl beads.
All available from Sparrowbeads.
I will be adding my skull soon but if you can't wait to get one just leave me a comment! :)

Isn't it cute?!
Are you into skull jewellery?

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Shellac Day 7

Hi Dolls, Here is my 7 day Shellac review...I am very pleased with the results!...

Below is the Bluesky Shellac gel in Cocoa, no chips, no scuffs, still shiny! The only thing is the slight growth starting to appear near the cuticle.
The client (my sister) is still very impressed!

This is CND Shellac gel in Decedance 7 days in. No chips, no scuffs, still shiny! Again, a little growth at the back but that is all.

My client (my other sister) still very pleased with it!

I am very pleased with how Bluesky is holding up against the real deal!

I will do another & final review next Wednesday making that the full 14 days it states to last.

Have you tried Shellac yet?

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Shellac time!

Hi Dolls, I'm sure you've all heard about Shellac from other bloggers or tweets but if you haven't's a polish gel made by Creative nail design. It's purpose is to give you the look and feel of regular polish but the lasting power of 2 weeks without chips or smudges!
I ordered my products from different sellers on ebay.

You will need the following...A lamp, mine is a UV 36 watt, nail prep, a gel nail wipe (I got prep & wipe in one) Base coat, Top coat, your choice of colour and a cuticle oil to finish...So lets get started...

First you need to file your nails & push the cuticles back and remove any cuticle or hang nails (hang nails are the skin on the side that can catch) Once you are happy with your shape wipe over each nail with the prep, make sure there is no bits of fluff or hairs on the nail plate!

Then coat your first hand with a thin layer of the base coat and place under the light, while this hand is curing repeat on the other hand. Place in the lamp for 10seconds (I left it for about 20seconds.

Then take your first hand out and apply an even coat of your colour, remembering to seal the free edge (end of nail tip)
Place in the lamp for 2minutes. Repeat on other hand twice so your doing two coats of colour on each hand.

Then apply one coat of top coat and cure under the lamp for 2minutes. Once the 2minutes is up wipe over each nail with a cotton pad lightly soaked in gel wipe to remove the sticky residue.

Your nails should now be fine to touch and perfectly cured! To finish, dab a small amount of cuticle oil over each finger and gently massage in.
The best thing about Shellac is the beauty to get up & go once your done! No drying time, no smudges! You should be left with beautifully manicured nails!

The colour my sister chose is Decedance which if I'm honest I was not very happy with the colour! Don't get my wrong the colour is lovely but it's not how it looks on the bottle as you can see from the picture above! I ordered it expecting a gorgous dark berry shade & instead its a real classic red!

Now my other sister chose the shade Cocoa by Bluesky shellac gel (basically it's a knock off company) but I wanted to test to see if it lasts the two weeks.
The colour is a gorgeous fudge/nude and very true to the colour on the bottle! I have to admit so far I'm impressed!
I will do an update in a week on both colours to see how they are coping!

Have you tried Shellac yet?...I think I'm hooked already & can't wait to get new colours! I've got my eyes on the new greys that are coming out in March! ;)

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Valentines special...

Hi Cupcakes, Just letting you know Sparrowbeads is having a 10% discount on all items with promo code VALENTINE

Perfect for your chosen Valentine this year as I sell men's jewellery too! Or why not treat yourself!!

This ends 29th February (custom orders welcome)

Sunday, 5 February 2012

New Bracelets S/S 2012

Hi Dolls, As some of you know I make beaded bracelets! I make other pieces too but the most popular are the beads!
I have been working on some new designs for Spring/Summer.
There has been allot of brights & neon's around so I thought I'd incorporate that into some bead designs that I feel are more wearable.
I'm in love with the glass mottle beads featured below & they are even more gorgeous in person!
All of my designs are unisex too!
Visit SparrowBeads for my designs including necklaces, gemstone & wood bracelets at affordable prices!

Do you love beaded bracelets as much as I do?

I will be adding some pretty pastel pearl designs next week too! :)