Friday, 29 January 2010

Olsen fashion watch...

Hi everyone, It's Friday evening and I'm off to bed in a mo.
I was browsing through some of my favourite fashion websites and decided to post pics of my favourite style icons..and who better to start with than the Olsen twins!
I love their style, they're not afraid to try different looks and to me they always pull it off!
I've only posted a few pics (as my eyes are feeling pretty bed and an episode of the hilarious Arrested Development are calling me! ha!)
I'm thinking I will make this a regular Friday post, what do you think?
Off to bed now Chicky's..keep an eye out for my blog videos coming soon.. ;)

Thursday, 21 January 2010

I heart my faux fur coat OOTD

Those of you that read my older post know that Ive been after a faux fur coat! I've always loved the glam look they give (I would never wear real fur)! It's super warm aswell.
I got mine just before Christmas. I found it in bhs! It was £130 0r £160 ( I cant remember) and I got it for £60 in the sale!
I will keep it forever as they never date. I'm so sad that when I'm wearing it I'm always stroking it,it's so silky soft! ha,ha
I went to the cinema in London the other day so went for a Kate Moss, Nicole Richie kinda look.
I teamed it with skinny jeans, plain black top, vintage chanel bag, jade chunky ring and matching flats. I also went for the thick black 60s inspired loves me faux fur! :)

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sunday OOTD

Hi everyone, Here is my sunday outfit..I kept accessories black and teamed the outfit with my black biker boots. All the clothes are from a couple of years ago but the heart necklace was a christmas presesnt from Marks and Spencer so you might be able to get a hold of one if you like it! :)

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Minty polka dots

Super cute polka dots! :)


I took this picture the other day of our family dog Buddy. He is a king charles cavalier. He looked super cute on the sofa chair and I'm really pleased at how good it came out! aww!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

I heart my Pink laptop...

Hi guys, So the title kind of gives the post away!
My boyfriend surprised me with two special presents this Christmas. My main present is a telescope, it's huge! I was so surprised. To me it's super special as I'm always talking about the moon and I love looking at just fascinates me and I'm always telling him I can see the face in it and he never can! Can you? So that present to me is very special, unfortunately we can't see anything where I live because the weather has been so bad it's just grey cloud but as soon as it gets better I'll be able to test it out. :)
So onto the second present which he said was homemade! I was expecting some kind of painting or dvd or something but he totally surprised me again with.... a pink laptop!!!
It's homemade because he already had the laptop but he took it all apart and spray painted it pink for me! You can do this with professional graffiti paint and mine is in Porno pink! lol which he picked because I actually have a nail polish called porno pink! I love it! I've been on it ever since sitting in bed reading your blogs! ;) So here are a few pics of my porno pink laptop and a picture of the snow from my room!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

OOTD anniversary dinner

Hi all, It was mine and my boyfriends anniversary today so this evening we went out for a nice meal.
I knew it was going to snow so wanted something warm, I wanted to wear my over the knee boots as I've only worn them a few times.
I kept accessories gold and teamed the outfit with a thin brown leather belt for defanition around the waist. I used my black leather bag with gold studs but..oops! forgot to take a pic of it! :)

Friday, 1 January 2010

New makeup storage

Hi ya, I'll start by saying Happy New year everyone! and hi to new followers :)
Hope anyone who went out had a good time, I didnt go out for new years eve this year as I've been getting over the flu :( But the good thing to lying around in bed all week is alot of time to think and brainstorm about new projects I've been planning etc.
One of the things I wanted to do was get a new storage system for my's a joke how my makeup was previously stored. It was getting out of control, I could never find anything and it was actually making me late in the mornings!
Below is a pic of how it was before...

A mess! So I decided the best device is one of those stationary drawer organisers..I got it for £6 in Wilkinsons..Fab! as the others I've seen have been £20 for exactly the same thing. The bottom drawer I have foundations, bronzers, blushers etc, middle drawer eyeshadows, eye compacts and eyeliners and top drawer is lipsticks, liners and glosses. Hopefully this will make life alot easier, especially those early mornings!