Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Hi ya..Here is my first outfit of the day :)
I'm going to make this a regular on my blog as I've allways been into fashion and accessories! This was actually the OOTD on monday when it was boiling hot! I actually spent the day out and about in a van and had to put a napkin under my legs as they were sticking to the seat!..classy! I would love to hear what you think..The picture has made me look alot paler than I am :(
Here I am wearing: Hennes navy vest
Primark tribal skirt
Primark silver flip flops
Hennes shell earings
Hennes ruby ring
Primark silver cuff bracelet

I am loving the heatwave we are having here in London at the moment as its giving me a chance to play around with different summer looks. I had a huge clearout the other day...I felt so proud of myself! I had so many dresses that still had the tags on, never worn! So I tried everything on and created wearable outfits and if I couldnt they went in the ebay pile or the carboot pile! I urge anyone to do it..you feel so much better! Have any of you had a wardrobe clearout recently?
I've got quite a few outings and weddings this summer so am looking foward to posting you more outfits!
Enjoy the sunshine :)

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

My talented mummy...

I thought i'd do a little post today on all the pretty things my mum can make : ) As you can see its all very shabby chic around the house as thats what me and my mum love the most, so everything she makes goes perfectly in my room!
We've just decorated our kitchen and she decided to go for a country shabby style..the fabric hearts that are pictured retail in places like Laura Ashley for about £10 each! I think the material she got cost about £3 for half a metre and that can make you about four hearts! I do love shops like Laura Ashley I think the things in there are always gorgeous but sooo over priced. Also pictured is hanging hearts and chicks made out of salt dough which are really cute. Anyways enjoy the pics! Let me know what you think!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Reeses Cups and reeses nails!

My bestie recently came back from travelling and on her way back she ended in the fab N.Y.C. I was so excited to see her and even more excited when she said she had presents! : ) She had got me a huge bag of reeses cups!!! I know you can get the packet of two larger ones in England but I feel like its not the same : ) I was also pleased to discover recently that you can now buy reeses pieces in Tesco! yummy
Anyways the downside to my gift is bad skin after i've eaten a few...seriously..my skin erupts after these babies!
Another favourite of mine from the U.S that I wish we had here is Twizzlers! cherry flavour! Also the exciting cereals like Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops! looking at my boring box of sainsburys own rice crispies in the morning just doesnt really do it for me! I feel like my start to the day would be more fun with some Captain Crunch!..oh well until the next trip ; )
On my nails I decided on rimmels Tangerine Queen and A single line of Gosh Chocaholic.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Mushroom Nails!

I think these are so cute..I actually only done one hand as the other had the daisy nails shown below. Im going to the dentist in a bit so better remember to take them off! But I will definatly be doing this design again...so you will need a red polish of your choice (I find for this look a tomato red works best) A white,im using barrym matt white and a dotter or cocktail stick. Apply basecoat,two coats of red and then dip your dotter/cocktail stick in the white polish and then dot around the nail..the dots dont have to be even in size..finish with topcoat! Super Cute! : )

Daisy Nails!

I decided today that I would put up some simple nail art designs. Since its been so sunny recently ive been spending alot of time in the garden..so today thats where my inspiration came from! : ) Ive always liked nail art but havent worn any in years, I love anything to do with nails and I just watched lollipop26 youtube video of her tokyo haul and the way she described the nail mania out there..sounds like my kinda place! I have a real passion for anything japanese inspired too like the manga anime pics and hello kitty.I just love the wackiness of it all! I hope I get the chance (and money) to visit there one day : )

Anyways on to How to achieve daisy nails: I used Rimmel basecoat first then applied to coats of barrym bright pink, now.. I have a dotter that I got when I done a nail art course you could probably get one in Sallys..if you dont have one you can use the end of a cocktail stick or biro pen. Next you need a white to dot the daisys, I used barrym matt white or you could use a french white tip. Simply dot your dotter/cocktail stick in the end of the brush and dot in a circle to form a diasy..to finish i added a tiny dot in the centre of each flower with opi far east fushia. Finish with topcoat!