Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Maybe it's Maybelline...

Hi Dolls, I was desperate for a new mascara yesterday so took a little trip to Boots where I was happy to discover a 3 for 2 offer on all Maybelline products!
I got two coral toned lipsticks...I loooove coral lips at the moment...

416 Coral Fever & 420 Coral Pop

My favourite is Coral fever, it's brighter and will be fab on a night out with thick black eyeliner

The mascara I chose was the colossal volum express..I used this quickly last night on my bottom lashes and I love the brush but I did notice alot of smudging :( I will be wearing it today to work on top & bottom so I'll see how it goes...

Have you tried this mascara?

Tomorrow I will be posting another healthy dinner recipe! Stay tuned! :)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

OOTD Maxi Dress

Hi Dolls, Today I decided to wear my maxi dress, It has been all weather conditions so far where I am..Sun, a little rain & it's super windy!
I teamed my plain black maxi dress from New Look with my Primark grey cardigan, cinched in the waist with a leather skinny belt from H&M...

I got this gorgeous red scarf as a present, I love it! It's light to wear and really soft with little red bobbles & fringe at the bottom..the picture has drained the's a real bright red!

For my accessories I wore my round ring that I got in Greece last Summer and gold bangle from Accessorize..

This maxi dress is my favourite as the fabric is cotton/Lycra so you can easily dress it up to wear in the evening with some statement dangly earrings! Now I'm on the hunt for some pretty floral ones to wear during the Summer days!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

NOTD Tropical

Hi Dolls, I felt like having a coral or orange polish for the weekend but you know I love to through another colour in there to make it a little bit different!
I used Revlons 093 Tropical Temptation and for the two fore fingers I opted for BarryM's Pale Yellow...

What colour will you be wearing this weekend? Do you like to paint different nails different colours too?...Or is that just me?! ;)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

4 Fab affordable products!

Hi Dolls, Here are a four of my go to products at the moment, they are all available from the hightstreet or online and best of all...super affordable!

BarryM lipstick number 54. A gorgeous bright coral lipstick that is a fab shade for Summer, my only minor complaint is that it's really well conditioned lips is a must before applying!
I got this last September so I can't remember exact price but I know it was under £5!

Maybelline gel eyeliner..I'm a fan of slick black liner, mascara & nothing else for a clean fresh look. I got this on offer at £7.99

Rimmel cool bronze mousse 003 deep glow, I've blogged about this before & it's my favourite bronzer! It's perfect for your days off when you don't want any makeup on but you just want a little glow to your face. I found this in a £1 shop! It's available on EBay for about £3!

Lastly is Palmer's Natural Bronze body lotion, a gradual tanning moisturiser. This stuff is amazing & smells like cake! The colour develops quickly & is great for topping up your existing tan. This was about £3-£4 from Superdrug.

So there's my affordable favourite products at the moment..what do you find yourself reaching for the most these days?

On another note, I'm making my pitta pizza bread tonight..yummy! So I will post the recipe for that soon! (if it comes out OK that is) he,he :)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Tortelloni Pesto Salad

Hi Dolls, Today is my first healthy meal post! I have been a very good girl and went for a run on my treadmill when I got in from work, had a nice shower and then cooked this very simple and quick dinner. Here's what you need...

Tesco cheese, tomato & basil tortelloni (doesn't have to be tesco)
Mixed salad leaves (optional)
Pine nuts
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Low fat cheese

Start by adding the tortelloni to boiling water, They only need to boil for about 2-3 minutes! Once they're done, drain the water and leave them in the pan.

While it's boiling you can chop your lettuce, I recommend lettuce as it adds a bit of crunch! Today I added some mixed salad too. Add the salad to your bowl/plate then add a dribble of olive oil and lemon.

Once you have drained the water you can add the pesto (a little more than a tea spoon might be enough) pine nuts and a little more olive oil, mix together.

Add the tortelloni to your salad, sprinkle with your low fat cheese and add a small drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

ET voila! A quick & healthy dinner for two!

Tomorrow I'm making whomeal pitta pizza! Never done it before so here's hoping it tastes nice!

Let me know if you give this a go :)

Saturday, 14 May 2011

H&M Foldable flats!

Hi Dolls, So I'm sure you've all seen or heard about foldable shoes for your poor little tootsies when you've been partying the night away but...have you seen them in H&M?
Some of my friends have them from different websites and they can be £30+ but these little gems are only £7.99!
They come in leopard print, gold, red & navy with little flowers on them, I wanted gold but they didn't have my size :( The next best thing for me was leopard print as the colours will go with more on a night out.
They are so comfortable and come in a black organza bag for storage.
These will be a God send for me as I can admit...I am such a moaner after a night out! When your feet are killing you, girls as you know, it's the worst!
I have looked on H&M website but they are not available on there so check out your local shop. I have a few friends birthdays coming up so I can't wait to test them out!
Do you own any of these?

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I'll start tomorrow...

Hi Dolls, I have been trying this week to start healthy eating...then I eat something bad and say "I'll start tomorrow"
I am not going to limit myself and say I'm cutting out this & that, I'm just trying to improve the way I eat.
From now on once a week I will post a recipe that I have made, (expect some cheesy pics of me in my gingerbread apron)! I think this will help me stick with it and it's nice to share healthy recipes! If you have any favourite healthy recipes or snacks please leave them in the comments, I'm always looking for new dishes to cook!
I'm also going to start drinking warm water and lemon again as this was a miracle for my skin!
Below are some tasty pictures I found on we heart it website...I can't wait to make a similar (healthy) version of the pizza in the last photo...yummy!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Girl with a feather in her hair

Hi Dolls, I've been making some new jewellery & headpieces and thought I would share them with you all!
I've noticed the trend at the moment is all know how much I love my feather necklace from H&M!
Feather hair extensions are all the rage at the moment so I wanted to incorporate some pretty feathers in my new designs.

I am in love with the pretty pink/coral feathers below!

also super pretty as a necklace!

Peacock feathers are so beautiful!

Loving this as a necklace!

Also I made a Silver 3 strand crystal headpiece...

Do you have any feather jewellery? Or are you currently sporting feather extensions?

All items available in my Etsy shop..remember free UK shipping! :)

Friday, 6 May 2011

A perfect Tote

Hi Cupcakes, A few weeks ago I received an offer to design my own tote bag by the company where I get my business cards. I am so pleased with the design! I've had it for a few weeks but haven't had the chance to use it, until now! I'm so in love with it, it's so comfortable to wear and holds everything I need!
I originally ordered it to put all your orders/parcels in when I go to the post office but I'm using it for everything, it's also great for a beach bag!
I might order a few and sell them or give them away if you spend a certain amount in my Etsy shop...what do you think? Do you use tote bags?

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Pretty Things

Hi Cupcakes, Today after work I went in to the Poundland shop, for those of you outside the UK everything they sell is £1! I found this large glass air tight jar..these jars in Tesco for this size are at least £4! Bargain!
I have filled mine with scented tea lights which before were thrown into a pretty box hidden in my wardrobe! I think it's a really cute way of storing them! I love it!

Next is a little gem I found in TK Max, it was £7 in the sale, a really pretty glass lantern with a pale pink reminds me of the 50' can hold a tea light but I won't burn anything in it, I just like it for display!

Yesterday I made some new Usamimi headbands & some bow clips and I just had enough wire left over to make a Usamimi for my Blythe doll!

How cute?!

Stay tuned for more hair accessories and DIY hair masks!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

My Wedding Outfit

Hi Dolls, I went to a wedding yesterday & thought I'd share my outfit with you. Stupidly I didn't get a full length picture! I'm kicking myself as the view & location were absolutely stunning!
I'm wearing a chiffon dusky/pale pink dress from H&M it's available here annoyingly for me it's now on sale! Grr..don't you hate it when that happens?
In my hair I'm wearing my Silver 3 strand headpiece A fabulous & unique alternative to a hat!
For jewellery I wore my new love..a feather necklace by H&M, It was the perfect pink & soft brown tones to go with my shoes & bag which are both vintage. I finished the look with a silver bangle on one arm and a peach toned diamond ring.
I wore a nude polish on my hands & feet, a smokey brown eye & boho beachy hair.
Hope you like it, More OOTD to come...