Monday, 27 June 2011

Vintage finds...

Hi Dolls, On Sunday I went to a huge car boot sale..I just love looking for hidden treasures, I get more satisfaction knowing that I found something special rather than buying it straight from the shop where there are twenty of the same thing!
I'm saving to move out so these are thing's I will take with me.

First up are these two glass jars with silver lids, what I LOVE about them is the silver coral adorned on the top! So unique!
I put cotton buds in one & cotton pads in the other. These will look perfect on a bathroom shelf!
I got these for £4 for the pair.

Next up is this milk glass goblet! I couldn't believe my luck when I saw this piece sitting on the table...what I couldn't believe more was the fact that I scored this gem for 50p!!!

I haven't found a place for this yet but I know it look gorgeous with some pretty pink flowers!

I found this really pretty sea urchin for 20p! It's so gorgeous & delicate, she sits perfectly on my dressing table.

And lastly I was drawn to Mr Owl! He is a piggy bank so he has a slit at the back for you to drop your pennies in but I'll just keep him for show. He doesn't really go in my room but he will look great on a bookshelf in the living room! I got him for £2!

What do you think of my vintage finds guys? Do you go to car boots?

I had the best weekend filled with treasure hunting, bbq's & good times with friends!

Hope everyone had a good weekend in the sun!

On another note I will be posting a healthy chicken arrabiata recipe this week so keep your eyes out for that! :)

Saturday, 25 June 2011


Hi Cupcakes, I'm now on Tumblr!
I'm going to give this a go and see what it's all about.

If your on there let me know :)

In other news I'm going to a large carboot fair tomorrow! If all goes well I hope to find some vintage treasures!

I will share with you any gems I may find...

Monday, 20 June 2011

Things I'm loving...

Loving...Maybelline apricot blush & Benefit posie tint on the lips! It gives a gorgeous baby doll shade!

My beaded bracelets, I seriously can't get enough of these, I wear them stacked together & they look good day to night. Available in my Etsy shop.

My cutie Harajuku Lovers perfume, It's got a lovely coconut beachy scent.

Simpl anti-blemish moisturiser & LIERAC toning radiance serum.

Modern funny! Every episode is funnier than the last, If you haven't already watched this I highly recommend it, I'm addicted!

So there's the little things that have been making me smile..What are the products/shows you've been loving recently?

Thursday, 16 June 2011


Gorgeous! I will be trying out these braided/plaited hair styles..I just love them, expect some hair how to posts soon!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Glamour Beads

Hi Dolls, I have been a busy bee making some new pieces to add to my collection :)
I have always been a fan of beaded bracelets but never owned any real special ones!
With all of my designs I want them to look chic & luxurious but still affordable!
I have used a mixture of glass shell, glass pearl & swarovski crystals.
I will be making a mixture of colours next, such as coral, jade green, blue, pink...all with gorgeous spacer beads to add a bit of glamour!
I will be listing these tomorrow & over the weekend.
I found a few pictures of celebrities wearing them recently..They look fabulous alone or stacked up!
Would you wear these?

Thursday, 9 June 2011

My pretties

Here's a quick post of a few new pieces I have made.
All available in my Etsy shop

Hope you like! :)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Apricot cheeks

Hi Dolls, I recently attended a beautiful wedding in Ireland but was sad to come home to discover I had left my beloved Maybelline gel eyeliner behind! :(
I went to Superdrug to happily discover they still had the 3 for 2 offer.
I picked up this new Dream touch blush in shade Apricot..I instantly fell in love with the colour so she had to be mine.
It's a gorgeous colour with a blendable smooth texture, I like it because one application is very pretty & subtle, two layers is a real JLo (see picture below) stunning coral shade!
My only little niggle would be that the pot is tiny! Finger application only!
Have you tried any of the other blushes?

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Pitta Pizza

Hi Dolls, Apologies for the lack of posts recently...I have been super busy but while I have a spare minute I thought I'd share my healthy pitta pizza recipe!

You will need-
Low fat/wholemeal pitta bread
Chicken (or your choice of meat topping)
Pizza sauce
Low fat cheese
Shallots (I prefer these but you can use regular onions)
Italian herb seasoning
Salt & pepper (optional)

Start by chopping up the veggies

Cut the chicken into small cubes and pan fry until white, I added a tiny bit of olive oil

Add the chopped vegetables, Italian seasoning and salt & pepper, fry for further 5 minutes

Add the pizza sauce to pitta bread leaving about half an inch around the edge for crust

Grate the low fat cheese and sprinkle all over the pitta, then add the topping evenly

Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes at 200c or remove when golden brown


This is a great recipe for Summer, a simple salad would go great with this and it takes no time at all to make, they are very filling! I could only eat one!

Let me know if you try it :)