Sunday, 30 May 2010

Saturdays OOTN

Hi Dolls, Here's my outfit from last nights outings!
It was a bit rainy here in the UK yesterday so I teamed my new floral vest with my dark purple skirt and tights. For my shoes I wore my black shoe boots. I accessorised with a thin brown belt, off white small beaded bracelets and I threw in a brown one to bring out the the brown in the belt, I finished the look with my brown clutch bag and black blazer. Hope you had a good Saturday :)

Friday, 28 May 2010

Tanning review

Hi Chicas, So I used my new soltan gel tan and mitt last night...overall I loved both products! The tan went on smoothly and I made sure it was even and was very light around elbows and knees, I could tell with this tan if you slapped it on it would be streaky and dark.
This one is tinted so I looked a little browner straight away which I liked. I done a light layer because 1.I have never used this tan before so was a little weary and 2.I was so pale before I didn't want to go from looking like a Cullen family member to two weeks in the Caribbean!
The tan contains gold glitter so your very shimmery! It's very pretty though. I applied it last night and slept in it so most of the glitter has come off.
This tan is fab and I would definitely apply before a night out as the shimmer is beautiful and to me it smells of perfume! Also you don't have to wash this one off what more could you want?..If you want one I'd head to boots now while there sale is on!
So the mitt...I liked first thought was that the product would soak in to the mitt and not come out but this one was OK. My hand was protected inside to stop any leaks and dodgy tanned palms! I much prefer the mitt to gloves, for me the tan goes on alot smoother.
Overall I'm very pleased with both and would highly recommend! :)

Thursday, 27 May 2010

New tan and mitt+charity shop!

Hi Cookies, Hope you are all having a good week :) If you read my older post you'll know I was after a tanning mitt, never used one before and now the summers here (kind of) I thought it to be the best time to try one. So after work today I headed to Boots. There was a sale in the tanning section..perfect! So I got soltan self tan mitt usually £3.49 now £2.32 and soltan tinted moisturising gel, was £8.49 and today £5.65!
I needed a new tan and I'm on such a budget for my holiday so I thought I'd give this one a whirl. It states it has a lasting summer smell, non streaking and quick drying. Moisturising formula that provides and instant goldan glow which develops into a natural looking colour within 2-3 hours.
I've put a bit on my hands and I LOVE the smell, It smells just like Jlo Miami glow perfume!! It has a gorgeous gold shimmer too.
I'm going to apply this with the mitt tonight after my bath of preparation..shaving and exfoliating! So I will give you my full review tomorrow.

Yesterday I went into a charity shop near my work and found this vest, I've been looking at the ones from New Look which is identical. I got this for £2! I love the colours and the pretty rose pattern, it reminds me of a painting! :)

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Tanning Mitts??

Hi Cupcakes, It's super duper hot here in the UK at the mo and although I'm loving the sunny days I am not loving how pale I am!..Seriously, I look like I could be an extra in True Blood!
I tan easily in the sun but to be honest I'm not as into sunbathing as much as I used to.
I love a good ol fake tan though, as long as you get one with a colour that's right for you and apply it properly I think no one will ever know it's fake..which leads me to the title of this post- The tanning mitt. I have never used one before,I use rubber gloves and while it does the job I've seen a few blogs about the mitts saying how good they were.
Have you tried them? If so let me know what tan you use.
I got this picture of one from Superdrug this one is £3 I'll probably get one tomorrow and do a little review for you :)

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Kate Moss SS2010 TOPSHOP

Hi guys, Here is a little peek at the new Kate Moss Sring/Summer collection for TOPSHOP 2010.
Most of the pieces are very floaty, I'd say a bit of a 70's vibe with a hint of vintage glam. I love the green dress in the first picture. The collection comes out tomorrow! Will you be buying any? I'm saving for a holiday at the moment but this summer I'm really loving a bit of 70's style. The style reminds me alot of House of Harlow by Nicole Richie.
Let me know what you think :)

Friday, 14 May 2010

Celebrity hair accessories

Hi everyone, I was flicking through a magazine last night and found this picture of SJP on the red carpet, the first thing I noticed was her giant flower accessorie! I love it, It's very similar to the ones I make ;) so I googled some pictures of other celebs with other gorgeous hair accessories and put some of mine in so you can have a little lookie! Take a look in my eBay for more gorgous and affordable items!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

New Items by glamourrouge!!!

Hi dolls, I've added some quirky, cute new bits to my eBay collection, I hope you like them, I've also added some new hair clips and head bands but I just selected a few pics..(didn't want to overload you with pictures) If you like what you see please click here which will take you to view all my other handmade items! :)

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Tea cup obsession

Hi everyone, As you've probably guessed by the title I have got a major obsession at the moment with vintage tea cups and anything to do with tea party's. I've always loved anything like that, everything is just so pretty!
I still live at home so I'm not looking to buy a set of anything yet but I am on the look out for a pretty tea cup and saucer for myself!
I went on google and picked some pretty pictures to share with I'm off to put the kettle on :)

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Saturdays OOTN with my 3strand headband and new shoes!

Hi Guys, Here's last nights outfit. I was super excited to go out and wear my new shoes I showed you in my earlier post. I love them even more now as they were so comfortable and didn't hurt me at all!.. Hello!..wonder shoes!
I wanted to base my outfit around my 3 strand diamante headband..I know that seems funny but its just what I do :) So I went with a bit of a hippie/boho chic and funked it up with my shoes. I wore my matching aqua diamante arm cuff and a few bangles. Let me know what you think.
Hope you all had a good weekend :)

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Eyelash growth

Hi All, I thought I would do a post today on an eyelash growth solution my sister has been using. She has been using it since February and the results are shocking!
We had pretty similar eyelashes to start with but now hers are so long!!! This stuff really works! She applys it every night with a small brush to the base line of her lashes (like you would for liquid eyeliner) I have posted pics of her eyes below.
I have been using a product I bought off eBay at Christmas which was all natural, cucumber oils etc my lashes feel conditioned but no growth so I will be switching to this. Have you guys tried any?
We have a few bottles for sale..£21.99 plus p&p Please leave me a comment with your email address if you are interested. Take a look at the pics below...

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

New shoes!!!

I LOVE my new shoes! I was out with my mum and we went into Next (Have you guys noticed Next cute stuff for summer?) and these babies caught my eye straight away!
So while I was out shopping with my bf on saturday he surprised me by buying them for me..yippee! I'm going out this saturday night for a friends birthday so I will post OOTN piccies. Showing you how I will be wearing them for a night out.
They cost £40, I was expecting them to be more than that, They are so comfy and along with the addorable fringing they have zips on the back and leopard print inside! Great for holidays also!

Handmade floral bangles!

Hi All, Thought I'd share with you some more affordable beautiful pieces I have added to my ebay..Gorgeouse floral bangles! Handmade by moi :) I buy one off fabric so you will not see anyone else with these designs!! Click here to buy xx

Saturday, 1 May 2010

BLOG SALE-clothes!

Hi cupcakes,Decided to do a blog sale clearing some of my clothes,I will be doing another one for make up and jewellery..So onto the good stuff...

If you would like an item please leave a comment stating what you would like along with your paypal email address.
please pay within 24hr otherwise it will go to next person.
No returns.
Shipping-UK 2nd class recorded £2.99
Internationally signed for £4.99

Floral dress size 10 £30 (new with tags,never worn)

Denim jacket size 12 £7
corn popper tshirt small £3
Stripey skirt size 10 £5Black and gold stripey dress size 12 £5
Brown skirt size 12 £4 (it has a few marks which ive taken a phto of,the colours ran a little when it was washed but the print is so busy you cant tell)
Tie dye top size 12 £4
Ted Baker top size 10/12 £5 Topshop red stripey vest £3
H&M peach vest tshirt £3
Warehouse vest £5