Friday, 24 December 2010

Cinnamon Shortbread

Hi Dolls, Today I made some cinnamon shortbread cookies!
They are so yummy and so cute to look at!
If you have the ingredients below to make these, I highly recommend..they are lighter than air to eat.
I'm going round a friends tonight and I'm taking a batch with me. I feel proud to be able to say I baked them myself!
I used your standard size cookie cutter shapes and the recipe below makes about 30.
Happy baking!

Cinnamon shortbread cookies
100g icing sugar
100g corn flour
200g plain flour
200g unsalted butter
1tbs cinnamon
caster sugar for sprinkling

Preheat oven to 160c Place icing sugar, plain flour and corn flour through sieve into a large bowl. Add butter & cinnamon. Mix together. Roll out and cut desired shapes. Bake for 20-25 minutes. Sprinkle with sugar.

Don't forget to leave one out for Santa!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Holiday Bun

Hi Cookies, Today I am wearing my hair what I have named "Holiday bun"

I've used my hair doughnut that I got from Claires to get a bigger size, I left out one small strand that I plaited/braided and wrapped around the bottom, used Kirby grips/pins to secure..ET voila!

Great for the festive season and keeps your hair looking glam and out of your face (if you've been rushing around still shopping like me!)

Looks fab with added hair accessories! I'm wearing my silver crystal headband
It's super sparkly!

Oh...look who wants to wish you all a Merry Christmas in her gingerbread outfit!

Let me know if you try my holiday bun! :)

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

DASH style

Gorgeous, elegant, timeless...

I would do bad things to get this coat...

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Purple NOTD & snow fun!

Hi Dolls, When I woke up today I was so excited to see a white blanket of snow everywhere, I know it can cause alot of problems (I had to miss a friends birthday night out ) but it look so pretty!
So me, my bf & my sister built this snowman!

I felt like painting my nails with a glitter polish today so I chose L.A colours in shade glistening purple.
The photo doesn't do it justice to how glittery it is!
This is 3 coats, 4 would of covered completely but I'll probably be changing it in a few days & you know what a pain glitter is to remove!

mmm...I thought it looked festive in the quality street tin! ha!

It also matches our kitchen decorations! They're so pretty! Our kitchen looks so magical at night!

Hope you like the pictures! :)

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Products I'm loving...

Hi cupcakes, I felt like doing a mini post tonight as I'm not feeling very well :( I thought I would do it based on products I'm loving during this winter.

First up is not beauty related but it always cheers me spiced apple candle. The smell is gorgeous and it makes me room all cosy & it just smells of Christmas. I buy Christmas candles every year and at the moment they are on sale for £1.50! This is my second one!

Next is my Dove body butter. This one is for extra dry skin, which I don't have but I love the smell! I can't wait to smother myself in this after a bath!

I've also just bought some Dove shampoo, colour repair therapy with repairing serum. So far it's been great has a nice "Dove smell" I found it's been leaving my hair cleaner for longer too!

For my face moisturiser I have been using The Body Shop Vitamin E moisture lotion SPF15. I wouldn't usually use this as I have oily, combination skin and usually it would be too rich but the last few nights it has worked for me. It's actually my sisters so I'll probably switch to a different one soon.

Also on my face I have been LOVING Rimmel cool bronze mousse in 003 deep glow. It is such a natural brown and you only need a teeny tiny bit! It doesn't fade either which is fab.

As a face powder I have been loving my Almay line smoothing powder. It's great, really smooth and gives a great finish, the only thing is that it says light/medium but it's quite dark, so be warned if your more pale.

Lastly is my dermalogica climate control lip treatment. Great for the cold weather and a great base before dryer lipsticks!

That's it guys..let me know if you've posted some of your winter favourites :)

Monday, 13 December 2010

Bedroom Xmas decor

Hi Dolls, I recently put some Christmas decorations in my room..I LOVE decorating!
I usually have a mini green tree which I decorate with candy canes, gingerbread men etc but this year I decided to have a pink tree.

I've got three mini trees! One green, one pink and one white. I was going to use the white but it blended in to my dressing table too much!
I decorated it with pearls, glittered snow flakes,ribbons and two white owls. (can you spot them?)

I've also added glittered hanging Love & Joy signs on my bed posts and a gorgeous glittered reindeer that looks so sparkly, it looks like it's made out of diamonds! know she can't be left out! My Blythe is wearing her gingerbread outfit!
I got this when I bought her in Hong Kong ready for Christmas! I've been dying to put her in it!...Isn't she so cute?!

Let me know if you've posted pictures of your decorations :)

Friday, 10 December 2010

Hand harness jewellery

Hi Cupcakes, Today I made a hand harness!
I saw Madonna wearing one last year and thought it was pretty, my sister just ordered a gold one from asos and they are very pretty on.

I made mine with a gorgeous purple glass pendant and silver chain. It's very comfortable to wear too!
I have listed it in my Etsy (free uk p&p)

I have been super busy making new headbands which I'm excited to show you! which I'll be listing over the weekend and I'll be doing an OOTN post too :)

Do any of you have hand harnesses? I'd love to know what you guys think! :)

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Winter lovings...

Hi Dolls, Here are just a few pictures of all the pretty wonderful treasures I've been loving so far...

I love Starbucks! And I love the Christmas drinks they bring out each year, especially the Christmas cups and mugs they come in! it makes me feel warm and festive just looking at them!I've been drinking the hazelnut latte...mmm

I wear my 3strand headbands all the time but this crystal headpiece is such a stunning piece & fab for Christmas party's!

Outdoor fairy lights are so pretty, I think they can turn anything into a magical wonderland...
I'm going to make these peanut butter cookies! I love cooking/baking and Christmas is the perfect time for cookies! *drool*...
Hot chocolate nails by Rimmel has been my got to polish recently. I love wearing reds this time of year but this goes with everything!..I will be back to reds soon ;)

Hope you liked my winter lovings..let me know if you do one or have done a post similar, I love looking at pretty festive pictures! :)

Friday, 3 December 2010

3 strand headpiece

Hi Dolls, Here is my latest me this is the ultimate "Nicole piece"
This headpiece is made from gold twisted beads! My camera does not do it justice, although it is still sparkly even in my rubbish light!
I've put a picture below of Nicole Richie wearing hers..this piece looks great with dresses, maxi dresses or jeans!
I'm wearing mine out this weekend for a friends birthday but I can't wait to wear it this summer!!!

Do you guys like it? Are 3strand headpieces /headbands something you would wear?

I'm also excited to tell you all I have lowered prices in many items in my Etsy for Christmas..I've just listed this little treasure...go have a little peek! ;)