Sunday, 30 January 2011


Hi dolls, I had a fun girls night out last night, it was such a giggle with lots of funny dance moves! (that shall never be performed again I might add!)

It's freezing here in the UK so tights were needed!
I wore...

My black blazer...still love this!...

A black long pocket vest (tucked in) from Warehouse & grey mini skirt from Primark, black shoe boots from Primark...

I wore my Luna Necklace available in my Etsy shop. I love the gunmetal chain against the pretty crystal! I kept the chain long rather than wrapping it twice to add length to the outfit.
It's so pretty! :)
I wore BarryM polish in Grey..loving this!

I wore one grey ring...wanted to keep the overall look sleek rather than too much going on!

Then I started playing around with the camera settings and took this black and white picture! I know it's a bit random but I really like how the mirror looks!
Hope you guys had a fun weekend! :)

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Hi Dolls, I am LOVING nude polishes right now!
At the moment I'm wearing Rimmel 365 beige style & I love it!
I'm really into the clean sleek nail look at the reminds me of dolls hands like my little Blythe's nails!
It's a fabulous polish that dries super fast and goes on like a dream, you only need two coats to get a perfect coverage!
What colours are wearing at the moment?

Monday, 24 January 2011

Versatile blogger award!!!

Hi Dolls, I was recently given the Versatile blogger award! :)
I was given this award by the lovely Emy at Emy loves Thank you! :)

You have to pass the award to 7 other lovely blogs, link it back to the person who sent it to you and share 7 things about yourself.
So here are my 7 things...

1.I am a qualified nail technician, makeup artist & beauty therapist!

2.I love anything Asain, I went to Hong Kong in September and loved everything about it! And I just discovered today that you can now get bubble tea in London! yey!

3.I love to cook... anything from cupcakes, Italian, Greek, to roast dinners etc yummy!

4.I love making things! Jewellery, headpieces, Blythe clothes! I'm obsessed with bead shops, fabric shops..I could spend hours in there!

5.I have a bit of a phobia with pregnant bellies! I love babies but to look at a huge pregnant belly makes me feel faint!

6.I love animals and we have a dog, when I get my own place I will definatly get a dog from a shelter and spoil it! :)
I love ragdoll and persian cats but at heart I'm more of a dog person.

7.I can do perfect cart wheels! ha,ha

I award this to...

Big city dreams
Lauren loves
Meek n mild
Miss Lucy loves
RoAmy live

And anyone else who fancies it :)

Friday, 21 January 2011

VIDEO! Whats in my makeup bag...

Hi Cupcakes, I've decided to make blog videos! My first one is a "whats in my makeup bag video" I hope you like it! :)
If you do, it is something a will do more suggestions welcome!
My camera isn't the best quality but it's the only one I have so I hope it's clear enough..also please bear with me if I ramble too much, it's my first video in a while so I'm still a bit shaky in it! ha,ha

My jewellery is listed in my Etsy
Also here is a pic below so you can see how much lighter the lipstick is that I'm wearing in the video :)

Hope you like it...

Thursday, 20 January 2011


Hi Dolls, Here's a quick outfit of the day post.
I'm wearing dark blue skinny jeans, a black vest and a long grey cardigan, I love this, it goes with everything and you can wear them all year round!
I accessorised with my black hexagon earrings that are available in my Etsy I didn't want any other jewellery as these look good on there own.

I was out and about today and stopped in charity shop where I found this Beaches DVD brand new still in cellophane wrapping for £2.99!
Will watch it tonight or tomorrow with some hot chocolate..this film always makes me cry too :(

And then I was bad and got some chocolate...hey, I'm gonna need something to cheer me up after watching Beaches right?!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Oh Jen!

So...Jennifer Aniston does it again...Just as I'm thinking about dyeing my hair brunette again I see these pictures from Allure magazine...
How gorgeous is that colour?! I am also loving the fringe on her too.
These pictures have made me keep me honey highlights for a little longer!
So now I am after a good hair mask to keep my locks in good condition..any recommendations?

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Things I'm loving...

Hi dolls, I decided to do a "things I'm loving post" for you, I haven't done one recently and I always enjoy reading these on other blogs..let me know if you have done one!

So for Christmas my main present from my parents was this beautiful lamp! I want to change my room around a little bit from french shabby chic to Hollywood glamour! A little bit more contemporary touches thrown in too, to me you don't get anymore old Hollywood glam then this crystal shade lamp!
It really is gorgeous in person, the photos don't really show the beauty of it but you get the basic look I'm going for.
I'm saving to move out soon so getting pieces like this are things I can take with me when I go.

She lights up my Jade Foo dogs perfectly, I got these in Hong Kong & I love them!

New year means new diary, I have to get a page a day diary's because of my job so this means I'm usually stuck with huge ones that weigh my bag down but I found this page a day sleek black smaller diary in WHSmith! Love how much lighter my bag is!

My favourite earrings at the moment are my black hexagon drop earrings. They remind of something Sue Ellen would of worn in Don't tell mom the babysitters dead film! Have you seen that? True 80s classic with fab 80s fashion!

At the moment I'm wearing 17 sherbet lemon, I was wearing reds before but this colour cheers me up through this gloomy winter weather!

I was given a L'Occitane set as a Christmas present and these shower cream and bubble bath were inside, they are gorgeous scents, my favourite is the one on the right called fleur cherie, contains neroli and orange blossom absolute from the Mediterranean. I think it's the neroli scent that I like.

Also inside the set were these two miniature hand creams that are lovely and great for your bag.
I also have a sample size of Vichy liftactiv anti wrinkle plumping care that I have used every night, the smell is lovely and makes my skin feel baby soft! so far so good!

Hope you enjoyed reading my post! Let me know what your loving at the moment :)

Thursday, 13 January 2011

New year, New designs

Hi Cupcakes, Here are the latest of my designs.
My newest headpiece is called "Luna" as it reminds of the moon! It sparkles magically!
I'm so pleased with how it turned out, along with other headpieces made with amber beads and my new turquoise earrings!
Take a look in my Etsy for handmade headpieces & jewellery.
Let me know what you think guys :)

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Hi Dolls, I've made some Usamimi headbands!
They are also known as vintage/retro headbands but I prefer to call them Usamimi which means "bunny ears" cute?! They are very popular in Asian countries.
You can wear these so many different ways too which is cool, including around the neck!
I think I like the leopard print best. ;)
Do any of you own a Usamimi?
I've included a few pictures of celebs with similar styles.

Monday, 10 January 2011

New collection...

Hi Dolls, I've made a few new pieces for my Etsy shop recently and I'm really excited about them!
I'm adding a few new headbands and some jewellery...the new pieces range from natural stone, Aztec shapes and a little vintage thrown in too!

The earrings I'm wearing below are made with hexagon shaped jewels..I LOVE these!
The black hexagon looks fab against the delicate gold chain.
There is a slight 80's edge to them..I was watching Down & out in Beverly Hills last week and I was loving there bold Lucite earrings, they remind me of something Bette Midlers character would have worn!

Hope you like them...

Friday, 7 January 2011

Blythe dress

Hi dolls, So those of you who follow me on twitter know that I am ill :(
I know allot of you were ill over Christmas via twitter land and I thought I'd had a lucky escape!...Uh, until Tuesday!
So I've basically been lying in bed since feeling sorry for myself..we've taken down our Christmas decorations and so I had to part my Blythe with her adorable gingerbread outfit!
I decided to make her a new I can sew in bed!
It's a really pretty vintage floral fabric, the design is basic but still looks pretty cute. I added a brown ribbon for her belt. Ah
What do you think?
I've seen some brown boots I want to get her from Etsy so for now she'll have to make do with her blue shoes!
Do any of you own a Blythe doll?

I would just like to add that as soon as I'm better I will be blogging regularly and making new videos too! Requests welcome!

Saturday, 1 January 2011


Hi Dolls, Here is my look from last night. I went out for drinks with close friends and it was really fun but my poor feet couldn't handle the dancing till the end of the night so we left at about 2am! That's still pretty good right?!
I wore a plain black pinifore style dress and suspender style tights..oohh la la! They are fab! I even got a comment on them in the girls loos!
They are by Pretty Polly and were £8 I got mine in River Island.
I knew I wanted to wear my black beaded headband with pearls so I done my hair with my GHD and formed 20's/40's style waves. I accessorised with black and pearl beaded bracelets and my favourite black ring.
For my make up I new I wanted red lips and I just bought an MUA lipstick in shade 1.
I LOVE it! This shade of red is a little deeper than a letterbox red but not as dark as berry. (my camera has a bright flash so it looks lighter) It stayed put all night, didn't smudge, didn't dry..amazing! This whole range is £1 in Superdrug! I'm definatly buying more!
I hope everyone had a great New Years and I hope you all have a fab year to come :)

New year, New collection

Hi Dolls, Over Christmas I made some new pieces to add to my Etsy but Christmas has been a busy time and what with all the post offices being closed I decided to wait till the new year to add them.

I've been really inspired recently by natural stones. I think it will be HUGE this year and there are some beautiful pieces out there.
Below is a sneak peek of some of my pieces and a gorgeous pic from Gucci, The model is wearing a sliced agate necklace and gorgeous?!
I'm loving anything earthy and untouched, put it against polished gold and you've got a sleek, modern stunning piece of jewellery!

Do any of you own any jewellery like this? Is this something you would wear?