Wednesday, 18 May 2011

4 Fab affordable products!

Hi Dolls, Here are a four of my go to products at the moment, they are all available from the hightstreet or online and best of all...super affordable!

BarryM lipstick number 54. A gorgeous bright coral lipstick that is a fab shade for Summer, my only minor complaint is that it's really well conditioned lips is a must before applying!
I got this last September so I can't remember exact price but I know it was under £5!

Maybelline gel eyeliner..I'm a fan of slick black liner, mascara & nothing else for a clean fresh look. I got this on offer at £7.99

Rimmel cool bronze mousse 003 deep glow, I've blogged about this before & it's my favourite bronzer! It's perfect for your days off when you don't want any makeup on but you just want a little glow to your face. I found this in a £1 shop! It's available on EBay for about £3!

Lastly is Palmer's Natural Bronze body lotion, a gradual tanning moisturiser. This stuff is amazing & smells like cake! The colour develops quickly & is great for topping up your existing tan. This was about £3-£4 from Superdrug.

So there's my affordable favourite products at the moment..what do you find yourself reaching for the most these days?

On another note, I'm making my pitta pizza bread tonight..yummy! So I will post the recipe for that soon! (if it comes out OK that is) he,he :)


  1. Thanks for sharing these products!:D

    The lipstick shade is pretty, perfect for summer. It's easy to moisturize our lips first, right?:D With a lovely color like that, I wouldn't mind!

    ***** Marie *****

  2. @Marie- I would advise a little lipbalm before as its so matte..I'm also hoping to get Maybelline coral pop..It's very similar colour but has a better texture :) xx