Monday, 27 April 2009

Primark Goodies

So while I was out I popped into Primark for a wander round. Everybody knows that you usually end up buying something in I got..

I love pearl necklaces so when I saw this pearl headband I grabbed it, at 98p who can blame me?! I also picked up these chiffon frilly knickers at £1.47! Too cute : )

Coral Nails

I bought this Revlon nail polish a while ago, there were coral beauties everywhere from earrings to dresses but I decided to be good and purchase the cheaper option..the polish.
I absolutly love the colour.
Its called Tropical Temptation 093

It's a gorgeous peachy coral colour that I feel even a paler complexion can wear but this looks great with a tan!

Girls Aloud false eyelashes

On my most recent trip to Superdrug I picked up the new false eyelashes designed by Girls Aloud.
I NEVER,EVER wear falsies purely because I've never found any that look full but still natural. I was lucky enough to view the whole range but only two stood out to me...Nicolas and Cheryls. Both pairs really emphasise the outer corners (which i love)

Nicolas are my favourite. The appearance is very soft, flirty and almost feathered (very jlo) I feel like I could wear these with several different eyelooks. Cheryls are alot darker and more dramatic, I'd probably wear these with a smokier heavy look.

They are pricier than normal eyelashes at about £5 but I feel Nicolas are definatly worth it : )