Monday, 9 May 2011

Girl with a feather in her hair

Hi Dolls, I've been making some new jewellery & headpieces and thought I would share them with you all!
I've noticed the trend at the moment is all know how much I love my feather necklace from H&M!
Feather hair extensions are all the rage at the moment so I wanted to incorporate some pretty feathers in my new designs.

I am in love with the pretty pink/coral feathers below!

also super pretty as a necklace!

Peacock feathers are so beautiful!

Loving this as a necklace!

Also I made a Silver 3 strand crystal headpiece...

Do you have any feather jewellery? Or are you currently sporting feather extensions?

All items available in my Etsy shop..remember free UK shipping! :)


  1. @Kirstyb- Aw thanks! Me too! I'm really into feather jewellery at the mo! :) x