Friday, 29 May 2009

Revlon Matte eyeshadow

I mentioned the Revlon eyeshadow earlier but thought id give you a closer look...I couldnt believe I got this on sale at £3.36! There are a few other colours in the range..I would like to get the grey and pink one! I also like the look of the new lipsticks aswell! Has anyone else tried those? Here is a closer look of the colour riviera blue...

Natural Collection blushers

Here is my little rave review on Natural Collection blushers from boots..they cost £1.95!!! So far I have rosey glow and pink cloud, there is more in the range im yet to check out! Pink cloud is a very pastel pretty pink and rosey glow is a gorgeous dusky brown/pink..looks great with a tan. I would say you might have to reapply once during the day if you were out for a good few hours or at work but for £1.95 you cant complain!
Rosey glow on the left pink cloud on the right...


Hi, Here is my face of the day..I wanted to go for a matte look as this is very popular at the moment... I have to say that matte makeup is one of my favourite looks! (very 90s) I love matte grey eyes and a natural matte lipstick but today I wanted to try my new eyeshadow by revlon, I was lucky enough to get it on sale for only £3.36 in superdrug! Its the new matte range they have and the eyeshadow is riviera blue,which is a very dark navy. Its very smooth but definatly needs layering! But I quite like that as you can make it darker for a more dramatic look for a night out or apply one layer for a softer daytime look.I also wanted a matte lip so I mixed barry m 100 and 101 with prestige rosewood (this is a natural pink which will suit anyone) I felt I had to apply it on top as barrym's nudes are sometimes shocking on there own and I felt I looked like a bit of a zombie! lol : )
me being a nerd

Monday, 18 May 2009

Customizing your pearl necklace

Here is my little tip on customizing a pearl necklace..I have allways had a love for pearl necklaces and since there has been alot of romantic,40s and shabby looks the past year its been easy to find them..if you have trouble finding one I would suggest your local charity shop as they usually have loads!

I took a piece of plain black ribbon,I cut it about 14 inches can choose how long you want it (the longer the piece the bigger the bow) then you make a bow,making sure the tops are even,next take a safety pin and push through the back of the knot and then attatch it inbetween one of the pearls! ta-da!

BarryM mint green

Hi, Ive finally got my hands on the new barryM polish mint green! it took a while for it to appear in my local superdrug : ( I snapped it up straight away! : )

I heart it..what I love about barrym polishes is the reasonable cost of £2.95 and the colours are exactly what you see in the bottle..I allways apply two coats (with any polish)

The colour range is also fun and vibrant, yet still wearable for everyday. This is my favourite colour of the month! Do you share my love of barrym polishes?