Saturday, 12 March 2011

Turqouise,Neon & Cowboy boots...

Hi Dolls, So I woke up this morning to gorgeous sunny skies! Doesn't it make such a difference to your mood?

I thought today I'm gonna rock some colour!
Starting with nails BarryM spring green 290 It looks a little toned down on my picture but trust me its bright!
I cut my nails short yesterday as they grow so quickly..seriously..they will be long in a few days! I'm really loving this polish!

I'm wearing black leggings as it's still cold, mini denim skirt distressed and slightly ripped, long grey tee & my favourite leather & suede cowboy boots.

It's all about the tuck...

Only wearing one piece of new Turquoise wire necklace, Light & minimalistic. This outfit reminds me of the 90s (that's why I left off a belt) Modern 90s edge!

On my lips I'm wearing BarryM 54 a gorgeous neon coral lipstick..I love this..I wore it all through my Hong Kong reminds me of my Blythe dolls lips! This is allot brighter than shown below, my silly camera!

What are you gals sporting on your lips & nails at the moment?

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