Wednesday, 23 March 2011

New Hair!!!

Hi Dolls, So I finally went to the hairdressers! I cut my hair into a slightly layered bob!
I had at least 5niches cut off!...5 inches I tell you!!!
I was a bit sad to see it all lying on the floor but I love the result and my hair feels and looks so much healthier!
Let the project healthy hair begin!
So stay tuned to read reviews on hair masks, styles, heat protectent etc! Yey!

Today is sunny here in the UK so I went for a Spring style today, loose tousled waves with my newest bow clip.
Basically I wanted to make a bow clip that looks like your wearing a usammi headband! Some people like the look of a usammi but wouldn't really wear them so I came up with a more subtle, easy to wear solution!
What do you think?


  1. @Carlinn- Thanks! It's always scary getting that much chopped off..but I'm pleased with it :) x

  2. I love it! I did the exact same thing last year - cut my long hair in to a bob in attempt to have healthy locks! Good news, my hair is long and lovely now! Enjoy the journey! xxxx

  3. @Emily-Aw thanks! I just need to keep up with regular trims to keep it healthy. Yours looks gorg! :) xx