Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Toni&Guy tourmaline wave and curl tong

Hi, Today I went to Boots after work in search of large curling tongs..Basically I'm on a new healthy hair mission this year!..My GHD straighteners have fried my hair and I'm hopefully getting it cut next week!
I will then be growing it ready for Summer.
I'm not saying I will never use them again because lets face it, they're so good at creating different styles and at top speed to!
But I am going to use the tongs more as I feel its less damaging..(well I'll have to wait & see)

I picked Toni&Guy 38mm tourmaline wave & curl was £19.99 I thought being Toni&Guy it would be allot more!
The barrel is pretty large!
It has 25 different heat settings so it won't be as hot as straighteners therefore less damage, 3meter swivel cord which is always handy, it's so annoying when the cord isn't long enough! And it heats up in seconds..everything I was after.

Larger barrels are known for not giving tight curls but I needed it more for flicks and extra volume...

I used it today..(headband now available in my Etsy) In this picture I only used Superdrug heat protectant spray before..

I'm really pleased with it, with more product you could achieve more of a curl but I like the subtle bounce it gives, what do you think?
Over the next few months I will be doing allot of hair posts, trying new masks, shampoos & herbal supplements..please leave me a comment if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear your hair routine too ;)


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! how you getting it cut?

  2. Thanks Lauren :) I'm thinking the new Jennifer Aniston! A long bob! start fresh & chop off all the split ends! x