Sunday, 5 December 2010

Winter lovings...

Hi Dolls, Here are just a few pictures of all the pretty wonderful treasures I've been loving so far...

I love Starbucks! And I love the Christmas drinks they bring out each year, especially the Christmas cups and mugs they come in! it makes me feel warm and festive just looking at them!I've been drinking the hazelnut latte...mmm

I wear my 3strand headbands all the time but this crystal headpiece is such a stunning piece & fab for Christmas party's!

Outdoor fairy lights are so pretty, I think they can turn anything into a magical wonderland...
I'm going to make these peanut butter cookies! I love cooking/baking and Christmas is the perfect time for cookies! *drool*...
Hot chocolate nails by Rimmel has been my got to polish recently. I love wearing reds this time of year but this goes with everything!..I will be back to reds soon ;)

Hope you liked my winter lovings..let me know if you do one or have done a post similar, I love looking at pretty festive pictures! :)


  1. Lovely post! All the things i love :)
    Except the headband...never seen these before :)
    And now i want one!
    where else can you buy them ? :) <3

  2. Hi Pippa, Thank you, I hand make these headbands, I make all different versions! It is stunning!
    Here is the link to my shop or you can email me at :)