Friday, 3 December 2010

3 strand headpiece

Hi Dolls, Here is my latest me this is the ultimate "Nicole piece"
This headpiece is made from gold twisted beads! My camera does not do it justice, although it is still sparkly even in my rubbish light!
I've put a picture below of Nicole Richie wearing hers..this piece looks great with dresses, maxi dresses or jeans!
I'm wearing mine out this weekend for a friends birthday but I can't wait to wear it this summer!!!

Do you guys like it? Are 3strand headpieces /headbands something you would wear?

I'm also excited to tell you all I have lowered prices in many items in my Etsy for Christmas..I've just listed this little treasure...go have a little peek! ;)


  1. very nice!! I like your blog! ;)

  2. I am a BIG TIME Etsy shopper & I was thrilled to come across your shop :) This head piece is beautiful & I hope to own it or one like it from you soon! Thanks for sharing your creativity!