Saturday, 18 December 2010

Purple NOTD & snow fun!

Hi Dolls, When I woke up today I was so excited to see a white blanket of snow everywhere, I know it can cause alot of problems (I had to miss a friends birthday night out ) but it look so pretty!
So me, my bf & my sister built this snowman!

I felt like painting my nails with a glitter polish today so I chose L.A colours in shade glistening purple.
The photo doesn't do it justice to how glittery it is!
This is 3 coats, 4 would of covered completely but I'll probably be changing it in a few days & you know what a pain glitter is to remove!

mmm...I thought it looked festive in the quality street tin! ha!

It also matches our kitchen decorations! They're so pretty! Our kitchen looks so magical at night!

Hope you like the pictures! :)

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