Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Products I'm loving...

Hi cupcakes, I felt like doing a mini post tonight as I'm not feeling very well :( I thought I would do it based on products I'm loving during this winter.

First up is not beauty related but it always cheers me spiced apple candle. The smell is gorgeous and it makes me room all cosy & it just smells of Christmas. I buy Christmas candles every year and at the moment they are on sale for £1.50! This is my second one!

Next is my Dove body butter. This one is for extra dry skin, which I don't have but I love the smell! I can't wait to smother myself in this after a bath!

I've also just bought some Dove shampoo, colour repair therapy with repairing serum. So far it's been great has a nice "Dove smell" I found it's been leaving my hair cleaner for longer too!

For my face moisturiser I have been using The Body Shop Vitamin E moisture lotion SPF15. I wouldn't usually use this as I have oily, combination skin and usually it would be too rich but the last few nights it has worked for me. It's actually my sisters so I'll probably switch to a different one soon.

Also on my face I have been LOVING Rimmel cool bronze mousse in 003 deep glow. It is such a natural brown and you only need a teeny tiny bit! It doesn't fade either which is fab.

As a face powder I have been loving my Almay line smoothing powder. It's great, really smooth and gives a great finish, the only thing is that it says light/medium but it's quite dark, so be warned if your more pale.

Lastly is my dermalogica climate control lip treatment. Great for the cold weather and a great base before dryer lipsticks!

That's it guys..let me know if you've posted some of your winter favourites :)

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