Thursday, 23 December 2010

Holiday Bun

Hi Cookies, Today I am wearing my hair what I have named "Holiday bun"

I've used my hair doughnut that I got from Claires to get a bigger size, I left out one small strand that I plaited/braided and wrapped around the bottom, used Kirby grips/pins to secure..ET voila!

Great for the festive season and keeps your hair looking glam and out of your face (if you've been rushing around still shopping like me!)

Looks fab with added hair accessories! I'm wearing my silver crystal headband
It's super sparkly!

Oh...look who wants to wish you all a Merry Christmas in her gingerbread outfit!

Let me know if you try my holiday bun! :)


  1. really cute! Wish I never cut my hair, as it would look nice in a bun like this! xx

  2. @Lisa-Thank you, I know what you mean,I love when my hairs short but your so limited to what you can do with it