Friday, 28 May 2010

Tanning review

Hi Chicas, So I used my new soltan gel tan and mitt last night...overall I loved both products! The tan went on smoothly and I made sure it was even and was very light around elbows and knees, I could tell with this tan if you slapped it on it would be streaky and dark.
This one is tinted so I looked a little browner straight away which I liked. I done a light layer because 1.I have never used this tan before so was a little weary and 2.I was so pale before I didn't want to go from looking like a Cullen family member to two weeks in the Caribbean!
The tan contains gold glitter so your very shimmery! It's very pretty though. I applied it last night and slept in it so most of the glitter has come off.
This tan is fab and I would definitely apply before a night out as the shimmer is beautiful and to me it smells of perfume! Also you don't have to wash this one off what more could you want?..If you want one I'd head to boots now while there sale is on!
So the mitt...I liked first thought was that the product would soak in to the mitt and not come out but this one was OK. My hand was protected inside to stop any leaks and dodgy tanned palms! I much prefer the mitt to gloves, for me the tan goes on alot smoother.
Overall I'm very pleased with both and would highly recommend! :)

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  1. Hi great review, def going to try this! :)