Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Eyelash growth

Hi All, I thought I would do a post today on an eyelash growth solution my sister has been using. She has been using it since February and the results are shocking!
We had pretty similar eyelashes to start with but now hers are so long!!! This stuff really works! She applys it every night with a small brush to the base line of her lashes (like you would for liquid eyeliner) I have posted pics of her eyes below.
I have been using a product I bought off eBay at Christmas which was all natural, cucumber oils etc my lashes feel conditioned but no growth so I will be switching to this. Have you guys tried any?
We have a few bottles for sale..£21.99 plus p&p Please leave me a comment with your email address if you are interested. Take a look at the pics below...


  1. THOSE are her natural eyelashes?! I am SO jealous! What did they look like before? I must get some of this stuff!


  2. @Lauren-Yes thats what her eyelashes look like now! Annoyingly she didnt take a before pic, they were average length before,similar to mine and mine are nowhere near that long now lol
    If you would like to buy some please leave me your email address :)

  3. The eye drops pictured above?

  4. @Lauren-yeah sorry I didnt explain very well,yep thats the solution she uses it says eye drops but you coat it on the lash line x

  5. Hi, where are you ordering this from? i'd like to get some, but have heard stories of stolen CC from