Friday, 14 May 2010

Celebrity hair accessories

Hi everyone, I was flicking through a magazine last night and found this picture of SJP on the red carpet, the first thing I noticed was her giant flower accessorie! I love it, It's very similar to the ones I make ;) so I googled some pictures of other celebs with other gorgeous hair accessories and put some of mine in so you can have a little lookie! Take a look in my eBay for more gorgous and affordable items!


  1. Hey

    After reading your post on your sisters eyelashes, I keep thinking about them! Could I use your picture (I'll reference you obviously) and write about it? I'd like to weigh up the pros and cons. I read in your post that you'd started using too, maybe I could ask for your exprience with it and if you're suffered any of the side effects such as your eyes turning darker etc?

    Thanks. As always, great blog xxx

  2. @Lauren-Hi,Is it for your blog? If you reference me in that will be fine :) I haven't had any side effects,im on antibiotics at the mo so will not be using it for couple of weeks but I havent had any trouble so far :) xx

  3. Hey, yeah it is for my blog. I wanted to do a kinda "would you use it" thing. my housemates are all biochemists so they are dubious about the processes causing lash growth and worry about cancer so that's my negative. Now I need a positive - and that's your sister's amazing results plus all the good reviews online!

    Thanks xxx

  4. p.s. I love your button ring. Can you make button earrings? If so, how much would they be?

  5. @Lauren-yeah I know what you mean,it can be scary,another trick is coating them in caster oil! :)
    I'm glad you like the button ring ,Im looking into earrings at the mo,might make a couple over weekend if I do probably £4.99 :)

  6. new at this at was wondering if you could follow me :) Ill do the same in return. Blogs looking good!
    Rhi x