Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Tanning Mitts??

Hi Cupcakes, It's super duper hot here in the UK at the mo and although I'm loving the sunny days I am not loving how pale I am!..Seriously, I look like I could be an extra in True Blood!
I tan easily in the sun but to be honest I'm not as into sunbathing as much as I used to.
I love a good ol fake tan though, as long as you get one with a colour that's right for you and apply it properly I think no one will ever know it's fake..which leads me to the title of this post- The tanning mitt. I have never used one before,I use rubber gloves and while it does the job I've seen a few blogs about the mitts saying how good they were.
Have you tried them? If so let me know what tan you use.
I got this picture of one from Superdrug this one is £3 I'll probably get one tomorrow and do a little review for you :)


  1. I bought a tanning mitt (boots version £2.32!) to apply my fake tan. I am a total newbie to fake tan and it made it so easy to apply and not one streak!! =) plus it was super easy to wash ready for next time! x

  2. @Pyxiee- I'm going to go to boots tomorrow and buy one :) yey!

  3. Ooooo i need it so badly!!!
    Mine always goes so funny!
    I need to go straight to the shops :)