Thursday, 27 May 2010

New tan and mitt+charity shop!

Hi Cookies, Hope you are all having a good week :) If you read my older post you'll know I was after a tanning mitt, never used one before and now the summers here (kind of) I thought it to be the best time to try one. So after work today I headed to Boots. There was a sale in the tanning section..perfect! So I got soltan self tan mitt usually £3.49 now £2.32 and soltan tinted moisturising gel, was £8.49 and today £5.65!
I needed a new tan and I'm on such a budget for my holiday so I thought I'd give this one a whirl. It states it has a lasting summer smell, non streaking and quick drying. Moisturising formula that provides and instant goldan glow which develops into a natural looking colour within 2-3 hours.
I've put a bit on my hands and I LOVE the smell, It smells just like Jlo Miami glow perfume!! It has a gorgeous gold shimmer too.
I'm going to apply this with the mitt tonight after my bath of preparation..shaving and exfoliating! So I will give you my full review tomorrow.

Yesterday I went into a charity shop near my work and found this vest, I've been looking at the ones from New Look which is identical. I got this for £2! I love the colours and the pretty rose pattern, it reminds me of a painting! :)


  1. hey great find! love that vest. Be good to know what you make of that tanner :) x

  2. I bought that tanning mitt today and used it earlier tonight! Not entirely sure about it.... I found that it kind of soaked it up a little bit too much but perhaps I'm just being a bit picky!