Tuesday, 4 May 2010

New shoes!!!

I LOVE my new shoes! I was out with my mum and we went into Next (Have you guys noticed Next cute stuff for summer?) and these babies caught my eye straight away!
So while I was out shopping with my bf on saturday he surprised me by buying them for me..yippee! I'm going out this saturday night for a friends birthday so I will post OOTN piccies. Showing you how I will be wearing them for a night out.
They cost £40, I was expecting them to be more than that, They are so comfy and along with the addorable fringing they have zips on the back and leopard print inside! Great for holidays also!


  1. The look gorgeous! How big is the heel?

  2. Thanks-I think the heels are about 3-4 inches but they dont feel too high on.

  3. Oh I love them!! Very pretty & what a sweet bf! xx


  4. omg BARGAIN :D
    great choice, they are gorgeous! and perfect for this season :)