Sunday, 30 January 2011


Hi dolls, I had a fun girls night out last night, it was such a giggle with lots of funny dance moves! (that shall never be performed again I might add!)

It's freezing here in the UK so tights were needed!
I wore...

My black blazer...still love this!...

A black long pocket vest (tucked in) from Warehouse & grey mini skirt from Primark, black shoe boots from Primark...

I wore my Luna Necklace available in my Etsy shop. I love the gunmetal chain against the pretty crystal! I kept the chain long rather than wrapping it twice to add length to the outfit.
It's so pretty! :)
I wore BarryM polish in Grey..loving this!

I wore one grey ring...wanted to keep the overall look sleek rather than too much going on!

Then I started playing around with the camera settings and took this black and white picture! I know it's a bit random but I really like how the mirror looks!
Hope you guys had a fun weekend! :)