Sunday, 16 January 2011

Things I'm loving...

Hi dolls, I decided to do a "things I'm loving post" for you, I haven't done one recently and I always enjoy reading these on other blogs..let me know if you have done one!

So for Christmas my main present from my parents was this beautiful lamp! I want to change my room around a little bit from french shabby chic to Hollywood glamour! A little bit more contemporary touches thrown in too, to me you don't get anymore old Hollywood glam then this crystal shade lamp!
It really is gorgeous in person, the photos don't really show the beauty of it but you get the basic look I'm going for.
I'm saving to move out soon so getting pieces like this are things I can take with me when I go.

She lights up my Jade Foo dogs perfectly, I got these in Hong Kong & I love them!

New year means new diary, I have to get a page a day diary's because of my job so this means I'm usually stuck with huge ones that weigh my bag down but I found this page a day sleek black smaller diary in WHSmith! Love how much lighter my bag is!

My favourite earrings at the moment are my black hexagon drop earrings. They remind of something Sue Ellen would of worn in Don't tell mom the babysitters dead film! Have you seen that? True 80s classic with fab 80s fashion!

At the moment I'm wearing 17 sherbet lemon, I was wearing reds before but this colour cheers me up through this gloomy winter weather!

I was given a L'Occitane set as a Christmas present and these shower cream and bubble bath were inside, they are gorgeous scents, my favourite is the one on the right called fleur cherie, contains neroli and orange blossom absolute from the Mediterranean. I think it's the neroli scent that I like.

Also inside the set were these two miniature hand creams that are lovely and great for your bag.
I also have a sample size of Vichy liftactiv anti wrinkle plumping care that I have used every night, the smell is lovely and makes my skin feel baby soft! so far so good!

Hope you enjoyed reading my post! Let me know what your loving at the moment :)


  1. lovely stuff! i always go for yellow nails when i need a quick pick me up. omg don't tell mom the babysitter's dead is one of my fave films, never heard anyone mention it before haha. those are some epic earrings x

  2. @Caroline- Thanks! The earrings are my new design available in my etsy. I love it too, the fashion in the film is fab! gotta love those shoulder pads! he,he :)