Friday, 7 January 2011

Blythe dress

Hi dolls, So those of you who follow me on twitter know that I am ill :(
I know allot of you were ill over Christmas via twitter land and I thought I'd had a lucky escape!...Uh, until Tuesday!
So I've basically been lying in bed since feeling sorry for myself..we've taken down our Christmas decorations and so I had to part my Blythe with her adorable gingerbread outfit!
I decided to make her a new I can sew in bed!
It's a really pretty vintage floral fabric, the design is basic but still looks pretty cute. I added a brown ribbon for her belt. Ah
What do you think?
I've seen some brown boots I want to get her from Etsy so for now she'll have to make do with her blue shoes!
Do any of you own a Blythe doll?

I would just like to add that as soon as I'm better I will be blogging regularly and making new videos too! Requests welcome!

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