Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Oh Jen!

So...Jennifer Aniston does it again...Just as I'm thinking about dyeing my hair brunette again I see these pictures from Allure magazine...
How gorgeous is that colour?! I am also loving the fringe on her too.
These pictures have made me keep me honey highlights for a little longer!
So now I am after a good hair mask to keep my locks in good condition..any recommendations?


  1. She's probably one of the most beautiful actresses ever :)

  2. Do your prefer having lighter or darker hair? I'm in two minds as to whether to have blonde highlights or go dark brunette! Just found your blog and i'm loving it.

    LOVE, Emy x

  3. @Belinda- I think so too, I think its because shes always stuck to the natural look.

    @Emy- Thanks! So glad you like it :)
    I prefer being darker but then I saw these pics and thought I'll stay highlighted a bit longer but I love being dark & I do miss it...maybe soon! x