Friday, 4 February 2011

New collection...

Hi dolls, Here are a few pieces from my Etsy collection.
I've made a few new necklaces and new head pieces will be coming soon!

I've posted some pics of outfits that I think will go with the new pieces...
Below is my Enchanted necklace, a gorgeous rainbow crystal strung upon a gunmetal chain..this would look great with a chic black blazer as worn by Kate Moss (I love this outfit) She wears this look perfectly.
I'm going to recreate this outfit when I next go out but I will wear my Enchanted necklace and a ring, no earrings or bangles, prefer to keep this look more sleek.

Next is my Princess pearl necklace. A gorgeous delicate silver chain adorned with large and small pearls and for a princess!
This would look fab with a Chanel Esq jacket or cardigan as worn by Sarah Jessica Parker above, I love this look on her. Or a more casual glam version worn with a t-shirt and denim shorts as worn by Beyonce...

Last up is my Metalic rainbow necklace. This has 3 metalic gold rainbow crystals, they are so sparkly, they shine the most amazing purple, green, gold, blue, pink shades! These crystal rondels are strung upon delicate gunmetal chain, delicate yet edgy.

This necklace will look great with Primarks belted chiffon shirt dress below. The elegant piece will work well with the soft floaty fabric.

Let me know what you think guys..Hope you all have a fab weekend..Exciting news..I am going to London on Sunday to celebrate the Chinese New Year!!! Yey! I'm so excited!! I will take lots of photos for you! :)


  1. wow they all look very pretty, esp the princess pearl necklace xo

  2. @Tatteredflorals- Aw thanks! Its very pretty on :)

  3. Very pretty :).

    Sadie x