Friday, 27 August 2010

Tiffany & Co nails

Hi Cupcakes, So here in the UK the weather is poo! Very grey skies and alot of rainy spells, It feels like the summer has gone..So I decided to paint my nails with BarryM Minty as I will be wearing more A/W colours soon.
I painted my little fingers white using BarryM white. I still like to paint random nails different colours to make it more original and edgy. After I'd done it it reminded me of a Tiffany box!..How cute?!


  1. Thats really really nice!! :D xx

  2. Im new to Barry M's Nail polishes, but have just bought a few- Creme Orange and Emerald Green both are beautiful. I will be reviewing them shortly on my own blog. Come over and have a look. Love your Blog.
    Those colours you have look really nice, may have to pick up the pale green.