Thursday, 19 August 2010

Soap & Glory product review

Hi Poppets, I got some Soap & Glory products for my birthday and thought I'd share my mini review on them with you. They have there own website but you can get them in larger Boots stores.
Most of my friends have tried different products of there's but I never had up until recently.
The first thing you notice is the packaging, very retro and girly which I like.
So the products I got were hand food, glow job moisture lotion and sexy motherpucker lip gloss. Glow job (ha,ha..yes I am that childish) is a moisture lotion with micro-bronzer beads built in. The beads burst when rubbed in and add the bronze colour to the moisturiser. It's a nice colour that I feel would suit most skin tones, the only downer for me is that I have oily skin so after an hour I felt too shiny! This is a great quick fix to a no make up day when your running to tesco and just want a little "glow"
Next is hand food. Non greasy hydrating hand cream with Shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow. This smells lovely, It's scent is very sweet, it reminds me of freshly washed hair! It is not greasy at all, I only apply hand cream at night before I go to bed so I personally don't mind a more rich cream but for people who like or need to apply it daily this would be great.
Lastly is the sexy motherpucker clear lip gloss. My lips are quite full so this would definitely benefit thinner lips but be warned that it does sting! There are certain ingredients to make the blood flow to your lips causing them to swell slightly. This would be great to apply before a night out to give them a plump affect.
I think my favourites so far are glow job and hand food, I've also read great reviews on there body lotions, so I might give that a try in the future.
Have you tried any Soap & Glory products?

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  1. I haven't but I really want to!:D

    Thanks for the review and photos!:D

    ***** Marie *****