Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Hi ya..Here is my first outfit of the day :)
I'm going to make this a regular on my blog as I've allways been into fashion and accessories! This was actually the OOTD on monday when it was boiling hot! I actually spent the day out and about in a van and had to put a napkin under my legs as they were sticking to the seat!..classy! I would love to hear what you think..The picture has made me look alot paler than I am :(
Here I am wearing: Hennes navy vest
Primark tribal skirt
Primark silver flip flops
Hennes shell earings
Hennes ruby ring
Primark silver cuff bracelet

I am loving the heatwave we are having here in London at the moment as its giving me a chance to play around with different summer looks. I had a huge clearout the other day...I felt so proud of myself! I had so many dresses that still had the tags on, never worn! So I tried everything on and created wearable outfits and if I couldnt they went in the ebay pile or the carboot pile! I urge anyone to do it..you feel so much better! Have any of you had a wardrobe clearout recently?
I've got quite a few outings and weddings this summer so am looking foward to posting you more outfits!
Enjoy the sunshine :)

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