Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Daisy Nails!

I decided today that I would put up some simple nail art designs. Since its been so sunny recently ive been spending alot of time in the today thats where my inspiration came from! : ) Ive always liked nail art but havent worn any in years, I love anything to do with nails and I just watched lollipop26 youtube video of her tokyo haul and the way she described the nail mania out there..sounds like my kinda place! I have a real passion for anything japanese inspired too like the manga anime pics and hello kitty.I just love the wackiness of it all! I hope I get the chance (and money) to visit there one day : )

Anyways on to How to achieve daisy nails: I used Rimmel basecoat first then applied to coats of barrym bright pink, now.. I have a dotter that I got when I done a nail art course you could probably get one in Sallys..if you dont have one you can use the end of a cocktail stick or biro pen. Next you need a white to dot the daisys, I used barrym matt white or you could use a french white tip. Simply dot your dotter/cocktail stick in the end of the brush and dot in a circle to form a finish i added a tiny dot in the centre of each flower with opi far east fushia. Finish with topcoat!

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