Friday, 9 December 2011


Hi Everyone, I thought I'd share with you some beaded bracelets I have been making & selling for the past few months!
I've had a lovely response so far & a few of my male friends regularly sport their SparrowBeads on our nights out! A few of my friends have also bought them for there boyfriends birthdays etc. They are perfect stocking fillers too!
As I am writing this I am actually wearing the blue peace charm bracelet!
I also sell women's bracelets but any design you see is unisex!
I have a facebook page under SparrowBeadsuk if you would like to keep up to date with new designs & special offers! Stop by and say hello! :)
Anyway, here is the link to the shop in case you're interested-

Would love to hear your thoughts!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend :)


  1. These are lovely - going to go and check out your shop now :)

  2. These are so pretty- wish I'd seen this earlier as I would have got some as extra little Christmas presents for people! Going to have a look and maybe treat myself though :) xxx