Tuesday, 6 December 2011

It's beginning to smell alot like Christmas...

Hi Dolls, I know I haven't blogged in a while, I was suffering from bloggers block! But I'm back & have lots of posts lined up and ready to go!
As we hit December it has become a tradion for me to buy my "Christmas candle" it has to be either mulled wine or cinnamon!
Today I bought Air Wick Ribbon scent touch of luxury candle in Mulled wine & cinnamon apple!...it is gorgeous! I have had it burning for about 15-20 minutes and the aroma of Christmas day has already filled the air!

I am in love with my silver voltive glass candle holders, they are so pretty! Just looking at this picture makes me feel all warm & cosy!

Are you a candle lover like me? Whats your favourite Christmas scent? :)


  1. I love candles and I think those candle holders are pretty.:D

    I like woodsy/pine scents for Christmas.:D

    ***** Marie *****
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  2. @Marie- I bet pine scent is lovely at Christmas! x

  3. Oooh! It's gotta be spiced apple and orange and cinnamon type scents.
    The Yankee Christmas Cupcake candle is really yummy too! :D xx

  4. @Thepamperedsparrow- Me too! ;) I love yankee candles but just couldn't justify the cost this year :( Christmas cupcake sounds yum, will try that one next! :) x

  5. I like those and love having lit candles around the house! Got to agree spiced apple.. my fav candle scent atm is cupcake! << random :)