Saturday, 10 October 2009

Asprin Mask

Hi Everyone, I just got back from a great 5 days away in Disneyland Paris!
One night we went for dinner in Annette's Diner, this really cute cool 50's looking diner and the staff are all on rollerskates, which I loved!..they make these incredible milkshakes, (of course it would be rude not to get one!) I choose a peanut butter one (tasted like Reeses pieces)
I regreted it straight away as my skin ERUPTS when I have anything peanut related!..
So I've heard raves about the asprin mask and thought nows the perfect time to try it. Have you ever tried it?
Im going to use about 4 tablets, drip a small amount of water and then add the honey, I know honey is good for your skin but it will also keep the mask on. I'm going to leave it for about 10mins then rinse with warm water.
I have never done this before so I will let you know how my skin is tomorrow..Im excited to do this as I haven't heard anything bad about it and I haven't done a homemade mask in yonks! Below is the honey and asprin I purchased..Honey from Sainsburys £2.20ish and tablets were a bargain at 13p!

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  1. you have a great blog! thanks for commenting. im so excited to get them off, mine were very expensive my insurance didnt pay much.