Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Hair History!

Hi guys, So alot of hair history pictures have been posted recently and I thought its a good time to do mine..I was kind of tagged by the lovely Anna from the style diet! They are in no order as my computer is playing up and when I tried to give you years and colours it kept going back to the wrong order! typical!
I've been lots of different colours over the years..from platinum to black,red,brown,highlights even purple!..er..that was a hair colour gone wrong! I loved my hair when it was short and platinum but the up keep was too much and very pricey, My hair colour now is a very dark brown so i'm thinking of doing a semi-perminant honey brown to lighten it a little! I've also experimented with different cuts..bobs,long,short,curly,straight..the list goes on! I love changing my colour and cuts every so often but I do make sure I nourish it well and always use heat protoctive sprays! I'm currently using pure coconut oil on the ends which leaves it shiny and hydrated..it cost £2 something from superdrug! So here is my hair history...enjoy and let me know what you think! (please ignore my posing or funny faces) :)

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