Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Shellac Day 7

Hi Dolls, Here is my 7 day Shellac review...I am very pleased with the results!...

Below is the Bluesky Shellac gel in Cocoa, no chips, no scuffs, still shiny! The only thing is the slight growth starting to appear near the cuticle.
The client (my sister) is still very impressed!

This is CND Shellac gel in Decedance 7 days in. No chips, no scuffs, still shiny! Again, a little growth at the back but that is all.

My client (my other sister) still very pleased with it!

I am very pleased with how Bluesky is holding up against the real deal!

I will do another & final review next Wednesday making that the full 14 days it states to last.

Have you tried Shellac yet?

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