Sunday, 5 February 2012

New Bracelets S/S 2012

Hi Dolls, As some of you know I make beaded bracelets! I make other pieces too but the most popular are the beads!
I have been working on some new designs for Spring/Summer.
There has been allot of brights & neon's around so I thought I'd incorporate that into some bead designs that I feel are more wearable.
I'm in love with the glass mottle beads featured below & they are even more gorgeous in person!
All of my designs are unisex too!
Visit SparrowBeads for my designs including necklaces, gemstone & wood bracelets at affordable prices!

Do you love beaded bracelets as much as I do?

I will be adding some pretty pastel pearl designs next week too! :)


  1. I love the skull! That'd look so good on the end of a long black bead necklace! Xxx

  2. @Lauren- Hi Doll! Thank you, the skulls are very popular! Your right it would look fab on a necklace! I'm working on some new necklaces at the mo! :) xx

  3. ooo these are absolutely gorgeous! i love the cross ones =) just had a look on your store and cant decide on the elephant, wood and cross one or the swallow ha ha decisions decisions! xo

    pebbz |

  4. @Pebbz- Aw thank you! :) The elephant has been very popular! The swallow I only have one of as the black charms were a one off if that helps! I'm happy to make custom designs too! :) x

  5. you're so talented! love them all. love the colors you chose... and love the little skulls and peace signs. amazing!


  6. @AdamAlexMommy- Aw thank you! :) I love the peace charms too, they're too cute! ;) x