Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Primark Haul

Hi Dolls, About a week ago I went to Primark and ended up with some great bits! I hadn't been shopping in there for such a long time..I left very pleased with myself having only spent £21!
On to the goods...

These super cute stripey moccasins were only £6! I'm wearing them tonight to the cinema to watch excited to see it!


I will probably wear them with my skinny jeans and this long pink vest. This was only £3!

Next is this western style vest £6, I was drawn to it straight away, I love the colours and the fringing down the side. Looks great with jeans and great with denim shorts with lots of beaded bracelets!

Next up is this cute vintage style necklace £1.50! I got it because I have been after a dainty delicate gold necklace for ages, I wore it out at the weekend, I removed the teapot & gem to leave the dainty gold heart which reads "Hope"

Lastly I picked up a pack of two pajama shorts. These were originally £5 but they were in the sale for £2! They are so comfortable to wear in bed! They kinda look like men's boxers! But pretty!

So that's my Primark haul guys, Have you had any great buys in there recently?

P.S I'm thinking about dying my hair dark again and getting scissor happy & cutting a side fringe again! So watch out for a near future hair post!


  1. Nice buys! I want your shoes!;D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. @Marie-lol they are so comfortable too! :)

  3. Hi, thanks for following, thought I'd return the favour. Those Primark shoes are adorable, I really do want a pair of moccasin style shoes. I love Primark generally, they are definitely getting more stylish. I attempted the store on Oxford Street today, big mistake!
    How was Bridesmaids? That's on my list of films to see.