Saturday, 9 October 2010

OOTN with my 3 strand head piece

Hi Cupcakes, I now have a YouTube Channel!

I wanted to try it for ages but was way too scared, I am aware that for some reason the beauty/fashion side of YouTube is full of haters and nasty comments...these people clearly don't have a life!

I woul;d love you to check out my first video and subscribe and rate if you like what you see :)

I have subscribed to some of you that I know have channels, If you have one let me know and I'll be sure to follow and support you :)

Let me know what you think x


  1. I love your youtube video, you look lovely and come across really well! I've subscribed too, although its under a different name to my blog! Love your outfit and all the jewellery you make!

  2. @StyleFrost-Aw thankyou, your comment made my day! Im so glad you like it :)
    x x x