Monday, 11 October 2010

My handmade pumpkin blythe outfit

Hi Cupcakes, Yesterday I put a few little Halloween decorations in my room...(I love to be themed!)
So of course my Blythe has to be themed too!
I made this bright orange pumpkin outfit for her with matching hat!
I made it out of felt, It only took me about 15minutes too. How adorable?!
I love her! I can't wait for Christmas to put her in her gingerbread man outfit! :)


  1. awwh thats so cute. I can't wait to see a gingerbread outfit! x

  2. The gingerbread outfit is the funniest! x

  3. @thefashionteller Aww you should get one! :)

  4. @behindtheshoes- Hi Rachelle, they are so cute,you can get mini versions too! :)