Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Meet my Blythe...

Hi Doll's, I'm back from Hong Kong! I had a fantastic time and would love to go back. (I'm suffering from holiday blues)
I am waiting for our holiday snaps to be sorted out so I will defo do a Hong Kong post to show you more about it. you've guessed from the title I got a Blythe doll! YEY :)
I have been after one for about a year and when we booked Hong Kong I knew she was top of my list.
We spent absolutely ages in this teeny tiny shop.. You can order from there website Bless the BF did not moan once at how long I was taking with my decision and he kindly bought her for me for my birthday present!
I couldn't decide between the original size or the petite but I'd come all this way and I thought it best to get the original warned they are pricey..the petite ones were from £30-60+ and the larger ones are in the £100's!
So I chose... Sunshine Holiday...How cute is the name?! I wanted one that was more retro looking...She has light brown hair, pink rosy cheeks and tanned skin.
The main thing the originals have that the petite ones don't is that her eyes change colour, at the moment they are blue but you pull the ring at the back and they can be green, pink or an orange colour!
They come well packaged with different accessories, so she came with sunglasses, a tote, bikini top, denim shorts and a yellow vest...but best of all I got her a gingerbread Christmas outfit! How cute?!!
Do any of you own a Blythe? I'd love to see pictures :)

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