Friday, 9 July 2010

POND'S and camomile cream

Hi Dolls, Happy Friday everyone! Today before I went into work I popped into superdrug as I've run out of moisturiser.
Now here's the thing..I have oily to combination skin, I am currently using a Garnier pure active cleanser (which is OK) but I've noticed my skin has been feeling 'tight' so I thought I'd try something different.
I'm sure I've said this before but my favourite cleanser and the one that works best for me is dermalogica special cleansing gel but...I'm on such a budget at the mo that I can't afford to spend £35 on a cleanser :(
Also I'm going away to Greece in a couple of weeks so that was swaying me more to richer products rather than my usual oil free ones.
On to the goodies..I got POND'S cold cream- cleansing softening cream All skin types. A rich facial cleanser that cleans deep down without drying your skin. Its gentle yet effective action leaves your skin soft,smooth and radiantly clean. The deep cleansing action removes hidden dirt and make-up,even stubborn waterproof mascara. Its special blend of ingrediants softens the skin as they deep cleanse so your complexion feels smooth-never tight or dry.
This was £3 something. It's 50ml which seems very small but I feel you don't need that much. The smell reminds me of my nan! Roses! Which is pleasent, it looks very rich. Has anyone tried this?
My other purchase was superdrugs own Camomile moisturising cream for all skin types. This silky moisturising cream with soothing camomile extract is specially formulated to help hydrate the skin and leave it feeling soft and supple. It's 150ml so you get alot in the tub and this cost about 75p! (I'm not a cheapskate I promise) I feel this will be great to take on holiday as camomile is known to help sunburn and skin irritation. The only thing that puts me off a bit is the smell, It's not unpleasent it's just very stronge! If you don't like camomile scent I'd stay clear!
I am going to use these over the weekend. I'm going out with friends tomorrow night so I think the cold cream will come in handy after a night out!
Please leave me comments if you have tried these before I would love to read your opinions :)

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