Thursday, 7 January 2010

I heart my Pink laptop...

Hi guys, So the title kind of gives the post away!
My boyfriend surprised me with two special presents this Christmas. My main present is a telescope, it's huge! I was so surprised. To me it's super special as I'm always talking about the moon and I love looking at just fascinates me and I'm always telling him I can see the face in it and he never can! Can you? So that present to me is very special, unfortunately we can't see anything where I live because the weather has been so bad it's just grey cloud but as soon as it gets better I'll be able to test it out. :)
So onto the second present which he said was homemade! I was expecting some kind of painting or dvd or something but he totally surprised me again with.... a pink laptop!!!
It's homemade because he already had the laptop but he took it all apart and spray painted it pink for me! You can do this with professional graffiti paint and mine is in Porno pink! lol which he picked because I actually have a nail polish called porno pink! I love it! I've been on it ever since sitting in bed reading your blogs! ;) So here are a few pics of my porno pink laptop and a picture of the snow from my room!


  1. Aw that's so sweet of your bf! I love the "porno pink" laptop! xx

  2. Loving the pink laptop! I love your dressing table too, very nice! x

  3. You are one lucky girl! it look so cute on your dresser

  4. Your laptop is adorable!

    My boyfriend does that too (takes things apart and spray paints them) mainly xboxes though... haha :)

    xo Caitlin

  5. That is a really cute laptop(:
    Love it!
    And i wish it was snowing like that where i live! i love the snow

    xo S

  6. OMG I love the laptop! And it makes it so much more special that he took the time to take it apart and paint it - even cuter! :)) <3 I love your blog, it's so lovely, glad I found it :)) If you have time, have a look at mine, I think you might find it interesting :)) xx

  7. Such a gorgeous laptop! Its the perfect blush pink color too!

  8. Wow, this is brilliant and sweet! :”> I should say that your boyfriend really has the talent to customize laptops. The fact that he personalized it all by himself makes the laptop remarkable. Kudos to him and congratulations to you, girl! Anyway, is it still in use?

    - Benita Bolland