Friday, 26 March 2010

OOTD and Country Living fair!

Hi cupcakes, So yesterday I went to the Country Living Spring fair in London. It's being held at the Business Design Centre in London from 24-28 march.
Our tickets were £11 but buying them on the door they cost £15!
I had never been before and although it was an experience I wasn't to pleased with it :(
As you probably all know by now I love shabby chic things so I thought I'd be swept away by all the amazing trinkets and prettys but I wasn't! Although I was excited to get a goodie bag!
As bad as I feel it is to say..I would suggest to save your £11 or £15 and head down to your local garden centre or my EBAY (if you like anything in my ebay but you are outside the UK please email me
To be honest I found it ironic that a place filled with ladys yet no one acted very "ladylike" very busy with lots of pushing! I don't want this review to sound like I hated it because I liked looking around but would I go :(
I did buy one thing though..A retro looking popcorn box! lol I saw it and had to get it..I love eating a bit of butter popcorn while watching a dvd! yum
I managed to take a few pics and a quick snap of my OOTD (I cut my head out of it as I got really bad travel sickness on the way back and looked ill)! here are a few pics..


  1. Oh my gosh, that looks so cute! I wish I was in London to go look. Makes me happy spring is coming soon. Your outfit is adorable darling. That purse is gorgeous! I adore the shape and the color is just to die for. It's one of my fav colors. I have a purse in a similar color and it just adds a fun pop of pretty color to every outfit. Very pretty sweetie! xoxo

  2. Aww thankyou. There were lots of cute easter displays..I really like spring aswell because of all the cute pastel colours. Your right, a bright bag makes it should post a pic of yours :) xxx

  3. Ahh I love the cute little gingerbread man! I never go to 'events' but would love to check out out.
    Where are your boots from? They are gorgeous! xx

  4. i love your blue bag. :)

    follow my blog too? :)

  5. @Pyxiee-Thankyou I got them from Nine west a good few years ago! xx following you too x